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  • jastookesWords can not express my excitement for this day. I have been waiting 5 months to share this amazing news with you! As a little girl every year I would sit and watch the vsfs and would always say to myself and my family one day I will be up there. I worked my ass off to be able to accomplish that goal and that dream came true 5 years ago. Never in a million years did I imagine myself wearing a 3 million dollar fantasy bra. It blows my mind that I am joining a list of women(Tyra, Gisele & Heidi) who I have looked up to my whole life and it is truly an honor to follow in their footsteps. It is also a milestone for Victoria's Secret to have a woman of color wearing the bra this year because there have only been two in the past & I am so happy to represent that for the brand and women out there. I hope that I can be as much of an inspiration to young girls as these girls were for me. Every time I see this video I begin to cry... this truly means the world to me and it is proof that with hard work, dedication & a positive attitude that you can accomplish anything you want in your life. @ed_razek I don't know how many more times I can thank you but I'm going to be saying it again and again for a very long time☺️ THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.. You have made my childhood dreams come true over and over again. I still pinch myself everyday!!!! The day this was announced you really got me 🙈 I was so overwhelmed with emotion and love from my whole VS family. I love you all so much!!! Also, a huge thank you to all my girls and @imgmodels @sbermood For being the most supportive and loving people out there. I couldn't do this without you all!! Thanks again to @ed_razek, Monica Mitro & everyone at Victoria's Secret for giving me your constant support!!!!

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  • o_mally_24OMGGGGGGG!!! @alf_alf24
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  • jackiieharmon@savchilders ugh
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  • ilanagoldwasser@nerlman the fact that I teared up from this is concerning on many levels
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  • swanmi_,, Of course I know about that " :-)
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  • jusapocznik_olha o texto q ela fez kkkkkk @vickyhamoui
  • soshy35Yes deserve it hirl..xoxo blessing 2 u as your beautiful inside & out☺
  • soshy35Girl
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  • carola._bPower women❤️💪🏻
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  • alking5472That's awesome,
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