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  • theresacaputoI'm so excited to share my new book "Good Grief" with you all It's available now for preorder! All info can be found at theresacaputo.com link in bio 💕📖 #goodgrief #longislandmedium #book

  • cuppkaate@kayyycollins
  • cristycarvMe gusta mucho
  • connylu5I need one, come to Chile pliz !!!
  • river.rising.birthI love you Theresa!!!
  • sunflowers.on.firemy mother was murdered in 2012. i wasnt in her custody at the time because she chose the drugs over us. im almost 20 now and i still hurt like it was yesterday. i still cry like it was yesterday please help me
  • sunflowers.on.firei need her now more then ever
  • carlafb34Hola teresa soy una de tus fans
  • cfloresitaMucho gusto Teresa té saluda FLORY Castillo de la ciudad de Guatemala city
  • cfloresitaRecibe muchas bendiciones para ti y tú familia
  • shirleypierinaTeresa ojala vengas al Perú
  • sepideh_mohebaliHi theresa.you are so good. i love you❤ @theresacaputo
  • marce_maquillajeMy respect, my lady, I love you. From mexico city
  • beckyshrout2015@theresacaputo can u do readings over the phone or email ?
  • tanerkkcSesin çok farklıymış :) tabi türkiyede seslendirme üzeri duydugumuz için @theresacaputo
  • phenix_girl@theresacaputo hi .... not sure where and how to start . But I am hoping you do read the comments and you could find a minute for me . I am living in the uk I am polish is there I know every one have a story and non of them are good for us and I am no different but I wonder if there is a chance to do Skype session with you will that be possible and available ? Kind regards Alicja
  • hedpimenthHola Teheresa soy mexicana. Me ayudarias a darme una dirección de correo. ?? Para escribirte
  • mrsmariahbJust pre ordered on my kindle. My grandma passed in 2009 and since then i have struggled, extremely. She was my mother, best friend and teacher. I hope this book helps me @theresacaputo
  • micklett15You are absolutely beautiful!!!
  • jypsee.blul needed to hear that!!!
  • juntosporsiempre31Theresa mira el mensaje que te mandé por favor 😥😥
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