• omgkenzieeeIt's been a while since I've done a before and after. Partially because I have been trying to accept and recognize that there is not necessarily a better body, but rather just a different one. For women who have a similar body type to MY before you are SO BEAUTIFUL and to women who have a similar body type to me now YOU BEAUTIFUL TOO. 🙆💫✨
    I haven't tracked in about a month, I've somehow managed to still lose weight. I don't really know why and if anyone can come out and let me know that'd be great lol. I just recently bought a pant size down and have considered buying ANOTHER size down because these are too loose on me.
    Maybe it's because... I'm less stressed?
    The first few weeks of intuitive eating sucked. I had a lot of shitty undereating then overeating then back to undereating moments.
    I think because I physically felt SO GOOD with macros (mentally I felt a little trapped by the end) that I come to the conclusion now if I track once in a while to make sure I'm getting the macros and micros I need, that's okay if it's coming from a place of nourishment.
    I personally believe that counting macros was a really important thing for me to do, as someone who was overweight 👏 I NEEDED A REFERENCE POINT.👏 I needed to know what was an acceptable amount of food for my body, while weight training. I can't just "intuitively eat" if I don't know what or why my body is craving the things it's craving.
    Sometimes I feel ashamed in the bopo world for wanting to track loosely again, but I'm going to stop that shame and just do what makes me feel happy. While thinking CRITICALLY OF COURSE 💞
    Thanks again for reading my novel 😂
    My trainers are tagged for anyone who asks.
    #wednesdaywisdom #weightlossjourney #mermaidthighs #thisiswhatfitlookslike #bopofitness

  • kitty_katelin@palazand
  • ares.nortonGorgeous. Just too beautiful
  • jenjewelldesignYou look absolutely beautiful! 🙌🏻 thank you for your bravery and inspiration!
  • gracie.zinsli.279What are some tips you would recommend that really work?
  • fitandrexGreat Job @omgkenzieee Visit my profile and there you see my physical change 🔓- 60k. Regards
  • fleitasjazminLo que te había dicho @malefiorini
  • juliastamblerYou're adorable!
  • ladylike_behavior@xxine this woman's account is amaze
  • be.my.safehavenI've been trying to lose weight for a while now, I have recently gone into recovery for an eating disorder so I am trying to get on a healthy track but I can't seem to find it... How have you lost weight?
  • dalyaali3@mirhanelansary
  • ritakh25Wow. You're truly an inspiration. Applause to you! What is BOPO? If you don't mind my asking @omgkenzieee
  • cooterqueenYou are amazing!
  • mike205857Work hard always gives results keep going forward you are amazing 😉
  • ath.andreasYou are the best!
  • theangelmakerYou are amazing.
  • positivelifeandfitstyleNice progress
  • valshular@alishashular
  • rosecitylYou are beautiful before and after
  • thepower1185Just gonna throw this out there, your tummy is adorable and beautiful.
  • semrakadriiI want transformation like this.. u re amazing
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