• twinsixBack in the fall of 2014, we set out to design an insulated riding pant that would bridge the gap between thermal tights, and looser-fitting cross country ski pants. It had to block wind and repel moisture, but remain breathable. It had to be form fitting, and not bulky. It had to stay in place, and couldn't sag in the butt. It had to be easy to get on and off. And it absolutely had to be made in the USA.

    Two years of prototypes and thousands of miles later, the Standard Winter Bib Pant was born. With every single one of our criteria met, it is everything you need an insulated riding pant to be, and nothing you don't. This is the best winter riding garment anyone has ever made. Ever. Keep pace with the changing of the seasons and keep the throttle down all season long. Winter waits for no one. TwinSix.com #ForeverForward #madeintheusa #fatbike #T6standardFat #ridemetal #TwinSix

  • iamjongwon😲👍
  • ellajeanlumpkinsEvery time I've got something in transit from you folks... you make something else amazing that I know I'm going to buy!!!
  • r_poppleBaller
  • jason13baileyThose look awesome!!! @adieb101
  • donkeykoenigWill there be a size chart soon? #needtheseincanada #winterishere ❄️🌨🌬❄️
  • meganrosedonutsoh cool it's only for men :-/
  • serbcat@normalgeo
  • astro_krakenAny plans for a non bib version?
  • twinsix@astro_kraken nope
  • twinsix@donkeykoenig working on it. Same general sizing as all of our bibs. Build off same patterns.
  • smockmd@twinsix - what's the inseam looking like here? For a 6-5 man with a 34" inseam are these gonna ride up my ankles?
  • johnnywoodside👊🏼😎
  • twinsix@smockmd That's a tough size. We'd suggest XL. They are designed to comfortably stay put over the tops of your boots, in most cases. With your height, might be close. Model in these photos is 6'2", 32" waist and 180 pounds- wearing a Large.
  • justgamache@maulsbikeshop
  • bwcLooking for something *just* like these, but the bib is a turn off. (I'm with @astro_kraken) hope you consider a traditional pant in the future.
  • twinsix@bwc @astro_kraken The non-bib version of this was something we prototyped about three different ways. Normal waste with with drawstring sagged in the butt, didn't stay up, and was zero improvement over any other 'winter' pant on the market (cycling or xc ski). There was actually a version two of the drawstring tie waist that elongated the height of the pants about five inches up the back, but tying pants above your belly button is absurd. We explored a belted waist, but it was bulky, sat on the midsection in an uncomfortable way, and did nothing to improve loose fabric around the saddle. The final idea was the thermal bib top. In addition to providing some extra warmth through the core, it did kept everything up and in place, with no loose fabric or gaps in thermal coverage. For cold winter riding, this is the best solution (according to our design team). We are extremely proud of this product.
  • astro_krakenOh don't get me wrong. I still want these. I'm just worried about navigating my wang through a multi bib maze whenever I have to pee. I have a lightweight nylon belt I wear with your knickers and it seems to work. Maybe a Standard Knickerpant in 2017/18
  • twinsix_ryan@astro_kraken Got the belt version in the Three Quarter Knicker on the site already
  • sportspinnerCooles Profil! Keep rollin!
  • straayerm@twinsix I just went to order a pair of these and my size is all sold out. Do you have an ETA on the next batch? These pants looks awesome, keep up the good work!
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