Speaking this to a group of 310 men. #EbrahimAseem
  • fuel4thebodySpeaking this to a group of 310 men. #EbrahimAseem
  • _imack_Very true❗️
  • carmeldelight3True
  • ros_soflyLove this!
  • tsflixsI see some that put themselves and their entourage before their kids so that may be a dangerous building to enter. May need to build elsewhere
  • lola_scorpYup! Sounds about right!
  • newlifenewyearTrue
  • konjo_aquariusSo true. 💯💯💯💯
  • r8znboyz2men_@browneyes_k I thought of you ♡♡♡
  • cocoa_tlcWhere is this man who does such things? Where?
  • browneyes_kYess 👌🏽. Thanks prima ❤️ @r8znboyz2men_
  • _mhellowdeeMen like that don't exist anymore.. #sad
  • fuel4thebodyMe & my brother (married with 6 children & all the men in my family (married with children) we don't exist? Or do your standards not exist anymore? Raise your standards & you'd attract better @_mhellowdee
  • _mhellowdeeDon't mean to offend you or the men in your family. You men are doing a very good job keeping you family together... in due time, i will meet someone i deserve. 👍🏼💯 thank you! @fuel4thebody
  • sequoia82This man exist in the friend zone... Or the guy friend that's a "clown"... Or the single father who he himself don't think "she" exist.
  • fuel4thebodyYou're stereotyping mindset of the male gender really repels the genuine strong, handsome men you secretly want. Might want to change that queen. Blessings @sequoia82
  • sequoia82No I'm not stereotyping him
  • sequoia82I'm speaking from a woman's perspective as to what I know to be true. I was speaking to the women who were asking where he was and I know where he has been and what they thought about him.
  • ms_lewistunsil👏👏👏👏 men like that do exsist.. I have me one
  • erinlularoeWish I could find "this" man ;(
  • furni8905Amazing 🙏🏽🙏🏽 thank you!
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