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  • mudlifecrisisSo, I did it. I finished the @iceman_hof 20-Day challenge, and for every shower I've taken the past four week I've blasted myself with #coldwater at the end. I went from nearly hyperventilating under 15 seconds of cold water as it smacked just my legs, to starting with it hitting my chest and then fearlessly turning around to let it hit the small of my back. This was historically the worst part of a cold immersion for me, and I love it now! It's been about two hours since my shower, and I'm STILL feeling the tingle on my skin from that cold shower! I am sold - every shower I take from now on will have that blast of cold at the end to start me off and make the rest of the day awesome. If you're afraid of it, I HIGHLY recommend you give this program a try. I feel great, my mood is lifted from the moment I step out of the shower (literally chuckling/giggling to myself sometimes), and the cold simply is bothering me less. There's something to this #hormesis thing! Thank you Wim! Next step - the ten week program.

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  • wolfdreamer1112Woo!
  • dadsonoutdoorsNice work Jamie! Considering you weren't to keen on the idea at first. I jumped right in and rock 5 minutes solid cold #allornothing I dont do it all the time now however. Just when I need a cold water boost :) I need to get back into a solid routine. I commend you
  • mudlifecrisisThanks guys! I think this method worked well for me for something that I knew was beneficial but didn't really want to do. Easing your way into such stuff is best for some folks, like me. Then again, there are other things where I do go in and totally change overnight - like when I started the Primal Blueprint plan for food, etc. That worked better for something that I really DID want to do. Maybe that's the secret?
  • paleocastleThat's incredible Jamie congratulations! You have inspired me to try this again :)
  • mudlifecrisis@paleocastle You really should! This was an easy way to do it. Let me know if you need the URL to get this printout!
  • goldthreadherbsgreat work!!! glad to see your determination paid off!!!
  • darkpath0010Is this basically the classic hot/cold Bond shower?
  • mudlifecrisis@goldthreadherbs Thanks! It took some at first, but you really do start to enjoy it after a while.
  • mudlifecrisis@darkpath0010 Basically. There are also some breathing techniques (which Bond also used) and it's a way to gradually get into it.
  • mudlifecrisisOkay, in the #ivecreatedamonster category of life, I just went to Downtown YMCA for a yoga class and finished it off with ANOTHER hot-then-cold shower experience. It felt even BETTER after a good workout. I'm hooked.
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