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I did an 8 week cut leading up to a Strongman competition I did this last Saturday. Went from 142 lbs (left) to 136.5 lbs (right). 5.5 lbs down and lots of compositional changes! My secret is tons of cereal and very little deprivation. You don't have to eat chicken, brown rice and broccoli everyday to lose weight and you definitely don't have to let your performance suffer in order to lose weight, either. This is my third time using the @rpstrength Diet Templates and I'm still so in love with them. If you want to read more about my cut, these templates, or the competition, head to serialnutrition.com (link in bio)! #serialnutrition #renaissanceperiodization #rplifestyle #rpdiet #weightloss #strongman #strongwoman #transformationtuesday @rp_transformations #rpstrength
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