This why Tamar unfollowed @majorgirl 😴
  • fameolousent_This why Tamar unfollowed @majorgirl 😴

  • 718seanLOL
  • its_taylor_baby_This bitch ani't going to be happy until she has no more friends at all! Acting like a silly childish brat
  • toyarenee2017😩😩😩😩s
  • rissadagoddessTamar need to quit.ATL is so small. They all close. Damn nobody can't go on the show. Monica named her daughter after tinys baby they lost. Tamar just need to sit the fuck down
  • theathembagradOmg Tamar is the biggest fucking child
  • _globalwork_Tamar need to stop being petty. Girl it actually shows your true colors. How all your "friends" get on the show after you leave ? That means you was holding back on them and wasn't trying to support them. God don't like ugly
  • empressivefindsShe's insecure
  • uniquely_tayloredIsn't Tamar Tiny's daughter Heiress godmother tho ?! So does this mean she don't wanna be Heiress godmother anymore ?
  • unfriendlyblackhottiieeDidn't she make a post about Tamar today too?
  • thickfitboutiqueTamar all day she loyal most of these hoes fake, she probably speak her mind too much, but least she keeps it real
  • anise51@tamarbraxton say it aint so sis. If it is, please learn to move on chile, its not any of your associates fault that you were fired. That was all due to ratcheness.
  • shebir5WOW Tamar showing just how petty she really can be. She bought all of this drama on herself, she got herself fired from the show.
  • howell_proudthat's right tiny I love tamar but you are a grown ass woman. yall not in high school, just because they had differences you dont have beefs with people you care about. No ma'am. I think Tamar should deactivate her social media, it's hurting her image.
  • speakingof_niqueTamar is being super childish. Doesn't even make sense.
  • melaninprincessTiny and Monica go way back tho why she mad
  • mamab3ar4Tiny dgaf
  • _iamish_πŸ˜‘
  • msebonic@ms_btp Man tamar needs to chill out i like her but what she expects ppl she know or her friends not to go on the show or something girl bye in her words
  • zanmgunnDamn she still salty about being fired. Don't stop nobody else money a true friend wouldn't give a fuck. Move along
  • coveredbypsalms27Lol I didn't realize she unfollowed Tiny too. I was wondering when that would happen. She was mad at the whole Atlanta kitten caboodle except Tiny so I'm like watch she gets mad with Tiny next for still being friends with the other girls lol. Why is she so upset about the damn Real? Her anger is being reflected towards the wrong ppl. Geez. @roros15
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