Tap video for sound
  • dooceYes, two videos in a row. But this is our lives right now. This is her sport. And she scored a touchdown, home run, ace, goal, *WHATEVER THING THAT THOSE PEOPLE DO ON FIELDS WITH HELMETS AND MOUTHGUARDS* tonight. I'm so proud of her.

  • ifurieSo freaking beautiful.
  • becomingjolieSo amazing. Go leta!
  • chelseawalkenhorstPlayed this to my kids during breakfast and they both started dancing. Well done!
  • jenfarm_Ahhh!!! I love this! She's amazing! 💕 Go Leta! Go Mama!
  • annnethercotThat's awesome! Well done.
  • lno1019@shayo27 omg she is awesome! And so grown up! Are you going to have Cole take piano?
  • martiann76I cranked this up for some morning beautiful to flow through our home! Love!! She's really talented.
  • bunklelifeDamn -holy talented batman!
  • hoping4hunterShe is fabtastic.
  • liza_luciCurious if she always enjoyed practicing -it's like pulling teeth sometimes (most of the time) with my 7 yr old son (started lessons last year) unsure how much to push the subject versus trying to find something that he's more self motivated by. @dooce
  • meredithmartinoYou mean "the sportsball" (HT: Lin-Manuel Miranda)
  • minxljWow!
  • bleucrabShe's amazing.
  • moodyrichardsonShe is AWESOME!!
  • tamilasdAmazing!!!!
  • kakkistengerBeautiful, and playing with no musical sheets!
  • thisismycollectionWhat is this piece of music, please?
  • clairedvial88@dooce do you know the name of this piano piece?
  • clearlypresentWow! Who is the composer? Very talented.
  • theodoreelperro<3 I remember when you wanted to throw her out the window.
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