Have you been following our stream? #persona5 #ATLUS
  • atlususa_officialHave you been following our stream? #persona5 #ATLUS

  • sean_htchNice stream! Played the game in japanese, loved it, fun to see the English version come along. Having localized my own games I know it can be tough, hang in there!
  • archlordNot sure why anyone would want to watch a stream and spoil the story. Why not give us a demo instead?
  • ho0liganI'm so happy the personas talk when they are being awakened
  • rutilio.h.16@akechi.goro_ lmao why you bitching about spoilers your pfp is literally one of the biggest spoilers ever plus stfu and let them do their work
  • rutilio.h.16@chair_kun @denirutriplexv uhhh make a American psn account use your money to buy American psn cards nuff said
  • denirutriplexv@rutilio.h.16 are you dumb I pre ordered the collectors edition which is pretty much physical so
  • rutilio.h.16@denirutriplexv and are you dumb? If you really want something then I'm sure you can find a store that will sell it and ship it to you
  • denirutriplexv@chair_kun we found the dumbasses of dumbass atlus dick suckers
  • denirutriplexv@rutilio.h.16 well duh? but does that blow away the fact that P5 gets delayed AGAIN? AND that puts people through more hassle. why are you sucking Atluss dick so hard? your brother work there or something
  • rutilio.h.16@denirutriplexv lmao I'm not sucking their dick has a delay ever hurt a game? Granted yeah I'm upset but I understand why . you don't need to be upset over the fact that it get delayed again cause bitch they doing us a favor by bringing this game over to the states or whoever you live and call me a weeb but in my opinion the Japanese voices sound a lot better
  • chair_kun@rutilio.h.16 oh. Im a big persona fan, i bought the collectors edition. IN JULY. Tbh i also prefer the jap VA but having it as a reason to delay th game pisses me off. And bro, its obvious that p5 would come to the west lol. Btw its not easy to find a store to ship it for you because of the taxes
  • chair_kun@denirutriplexv s i g h the game was supposed to be released in 2014 not 2017 tHEY CANT BE DELAYING THE GAME BC IT WAS ALREADY RELEASED IN JAPAN GUYS P L E A S E
  • rutilio.h.16@akechi.goro_ yes dude cause in all the trailers we seen have they shown his attire? Ummmm no they my dude if they showed off his attire then I wouldn't call it spoiler but lmao they didn't my dude
  • rutilio.h.16@denirutriplexv a delay never hurt anyone bitch calm the fuck down and stop bitching about it Jesus Christ at least it ain't final fantasy 15 and your a idiot more text is going to have more voices meaning less reading and hearing most of those beautiful voices and this is in the English ver also your playing a jrpg and you're calling me a week pls do us a fair and stfu
  • denirutriplexv@rutilio.h.16 you can be summed up in a single statement. "piece of weeby pathetic shit" youre not even worthy enough to be called trash
  • rutilio.h.16@denirutriplexv oww the little worthless that a pile of shit is saying rude things calling me a weeb yet he is over reacting from a game delay ohhh I been waiting since so and so ohh atlus why you make us wait, man your worth is less then a dune beetle so pls do us a favor and kill yourself we don't need little bitches who fail to comprehend why a game gets delayed and also starts to insult instead of have a friendly argument talking about ideals call me whatever you want but hey at last I ain't a worthless pile of shit that should just end his life
  • denirutriplexv@rutilio.h.16 excuse me you couldve chose to ignore my comment that wasnt even directed to you but nope just had to go out of your way and mind other peoples business. looks like someones trying to get a life boohoo~ fingers typing in rage lil shit? you could use some auto correct for your shitty little fingers
  • rutilio.h.16@denirutriplexv will keep that in mind have a nice day and enjoy the game when it comes out April 2 2017
  • offical_dccWhen do you guys stream?
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