Flight attendant says she personally saw Mary J's ex-husband Kendu Isaacs and Starshell booed up. The flight attendant tells us that Starshell set in his lap and the two had a puppy👀😌
  • fameolousent_Flight attendant says she personally saw Mary J's ex-husband Kendu Isaacs and Starshell booed up. The flight attendant tells us that Starshell set in his lap and the two had a puppy👀😌

  • __crack_ofdawnThat's why Mary swung on his ass in the club...he outchea embarrassing her like that
  • phoenix_decThis is from July 2012... http://diaryofahollywoodstreetking.com/kendu-isaacs-exposed-cheating-on-mary-j-blige/
  • iamdej__Booed up but you want all her money... boy bye
  • dinaprofessionalhairbraidingHey @missteemiss just getting back on but haha hell nawl girl I'm just now seeing that 😕😕😕 wow well maybe by now she has changed her username/profile pic, bio, etc. Just incase some nosy bitches feel froggy & jump to start looking to contact employer like some ppl was unnecessarily calling Lil Duval bm job smh 😑😑😑 like only bother, harass & call employers of the racist people who talk shit on social media not the people helping Fame serve us tea. 😬😬😬
  • missteemiss@dinaprofessionalhairbraiding lmao okay!!! Poor lady was probably wondering why she was getting so many follow requests
  • blessed07_And she has the nerve to act like a saint. The trick is a backsliding heathen. I hope Mary sues both of them.
  • mi_arashi@jharlem500 yeah bec you can get up and walk around DURING the flight. Not during takeoff or landing
  • jharlem5001- I can not really decipher what you just wrote, and 2- I stand by my original statement that ppl do not sit in ppl's laps during flights. Especially not a person AND a dog... This isnt the Love Boat we're talking about here. LoL May peace and blessings be upon you @mi_arashi
  • mi_arashi@jharlem500 People with money do what they please. But believe what you wish. Same to you
  • jharlem500LoL... We're not talking a 30,000 United Emirates first class flight to Dubai here... Mary J. 's ex husband is not exactly my definition of "ppl who have money"... If he was, some random commercial airlines flight attendant would not have a story to tell about him... #LearnLife #Levels @mi_arashi.... I can introduce you to a few "ppl with money" if you need to know what that really means...
  • fabiliciousxoGirl 🐸☕️ can't believe that bum did Mary like that! Smfh @itslikebutter0316
  • _tanna_mon@jharlem500 i sat on my friends lap during a flight after i came bk from the bathroom she try switch seats the flight attendent laughed at us fake fighting 4 a seat we aint rich but dogs tho...on a flight??
  • mrsvsmith@iamremix
  • falling43Why didn't you blurred the pic of her
  • baejuee@ycolette96 isn't she paying because he has full custody of the child she refuse to claim due him cheating & wanting her money?
  • ycolette9@biggergeh You are talking about her second ex husband,Sal.She is not claiming the child they had with a surrogate.I was talking about her first husband,Jeff.The father of her 11 year old son Jeffrey.Jeff cheated on her and had a baby with the women.Sherri pays money to both of her ex husbands.That's why she is always working.She used to make jokes about it in her stand up act.
  • mi_arashi@jharlem500 dude he was with Mary at the time. I'm sure he had access to her money. Can you think like someone with some damn sense? Who cares what your definition is.... the point is that man did it with that chick and a puppy. You don't have to believe it. It don't change nothing bout my today or tmw either way.
  • lilms_sunshineGlad y'all didn't take the juice down! The lawyer is an idiot.
  • s.ericka_Damn she going to lose her job 😩 can't have your govt name on social media when you spilling tea 😏
  • gemcity401wow! he's probably gonna mess with the girl and her job smh
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