Cabana at The Wing, Cathay Pacific First Class Lounge. #HongKong
  • daleroxxuCabana at The Wing, Cathay Pacific First Class Lounge. #HongKong

  • asako_220Is this lounge?!😱
  • daleroxxuYes at Hong Kong airport. Cathay Pacific have two different first class lounges there. I'm gonna try both :) @asako_220
  • asako_220Wow. I can live here lol
  • mjw006Lol I'm at Hk airport too!
  • daleroxxuLounge? Meet up for noodles? @mjw006
  • mjw006Would have loved to! Been here for 3 hours, just boarding now... sigh. Enjoy!
  • daleroxxuOK man, safe flight. I got another 5 hours here. Not that I'm complaining. :) @mjw006
  • onthemacTimer on camera?
  • daleroxxuMaybe I got one of the staff to come in and take it. You never know. I actually am that cheeky haha @onthemac
  • onthemacGosh, what else did they do for you? Bathe you?!
  • daleroxxuThis is Hong Kong, not Thailand ;) lol @onthemac
  • gamerjenna26One time in hk the toilet was inside the the shower 😕
  • daleroxxuHaha I had that in the small Airbnb room I rented in my last HK stay, it was tiny @gamerjenna26
  • staying in Kowloon when I go back . Goona hit ocean park
  • nathan79williamsLove all the pics of your adventure too! Are you still living in Bangkok?
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