• amandamariefittGetting “huge” doesn’t just happen. Many women incorrectly believe that if they begin a weight lifting program, they will immediately “bulk up.” If you are a newbie lifter there is infact a short period of quick “newbie gains.” This is a fun term for your body’s ability to put on muscle mass very quickly. The reason women wrongly assume this makes them “huge” is because they are not managing their diet correctly which means they are putting on muscle under their body fat without addressing body fat. So, yes, in a round-about-way getting “huge” does happen... but not in a she-hulk way. 1. Take ADVANTAGE of this newbie gain period. It slows down and you will never have the ability to gain muscle mass that quickly ever again. 2. Make sure you are addressing both your fitness AND nutrition. This stage is one of the few times you can actually gain muscle and lose fat at the same time in large quantities. Once the quickie gains slow down, the average natural woman can expect muscle gains of about 0.25-0.5% of total body weight per month... and this is based on a regular, consistent, and PROGRESSIVE strength training program. More often than not, the “normal person” is just going to look fit and healthy. Want to look toned? Lift heavy. Want to lose body fat? Lift heavy. Find a quality nutritionist to work with as well. (Oh hey 👋🏼) •

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