@yelawolf's #TrialByFireTour stopping at @brooklynbowl tonight!
  • shadyrecords@yelawolf's #TrialByFireTour stopping at @brooklynbowl tonight!

  • vaughnobrigewitch@psychodeine eminem literally signed yela because of his originality. Thats what he said, that was the main reason...
  • perfuckedsoulYou are a legend
  • perfuckedsoulDid you wish eminem a happy birthday or no ?
  • atlantic_demon@vaughnobrigewitch I can see why he signed Yelawolf originally, 5-6 years ago Yela was the dirty south, psycho white, gritty Alabama rapper, I used to like yelawolf back then. As for Marshall, well no his style changes every couple of years, Infinite and the SSEP Eminem sounded very Nas sounding, on the Slim Shady LP he sounded like a fucked up teenager, the MMLP and Eminem Show he sounded really angry and crazy, Encore-The ReUP he sounds really slow and hollow and high on painkillers, Relapse he sounds like a psychotic serial killer, Recovery sounds like the opposite, and the MMLP 2 and Shady XV Em is doing the speed rap technical style. Whereas yelawolf used to be a lot more crazier and "hip hop" influenced, to me it seems like he has watered himself down, that's why I find him boring.
  • lucianamomarchyCaught the show last night in BK... Was so happy to see him perform! He most definitely is unique with such a wicked style! Eminem is smart for having him on his label! His music breaks barriers to me just like Eminem does- just in different ways! Love me some Shady & Love me some Yela! #afanforlife
  • vaughnobrigewitch@psychodeine yea i gotta agree, but im talking the big picture. I mean if you really look at it, he raps and thats it. Yea he changes his style but hes always rapping, yela sings and raps. Also check out eminems recent post its crazy!
  • atlantic_demon@vaughnobrigewitch thank you so much for telling me about that, I'm so fuckin excited now!!!!!
  • vaughnobrigewitchIm so hyped. I havw post notiflicaions on and i swear for at least a year, whenever i see a new post i thik "maybe hes announcing a new album" so after a year of doing that today was finally the day im so damn hyped @psychodeine
  • blckghxst_🎨🚨🇺🇸HMU FOR GRAPHICS 💯⚡️👈🏾🎨BE PAYPAL READY 💰💰💰👍
  • salonchaircleaner✌ ❤ ✂
  • slim_shady_af@shadyrecords where can I sign 😂😂
  • scg_5837Link in my bio crazy
  • natzadiThanks
  • d_a_v_o_o_d_sa@saeed.ghamsaryan
  • brandon_nwf🐼
  • yoginihealerdotcomGotta listen...
  • thewitemike@shadyrecords tour came and went... where the fuck the album???
  • wyattreed8045Elephant Smiley. The Black Tar Rap star.
  • dragon_age_tattoos#gangstar_in_Alabama
  • emkey_a.k.a_komik#TRIALBYFIRETEAM
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