Yoga!!! #veryhungrycaterpillar #cosmickidsyoga
  • heidimo21Yoga!!! #veryhungrycaterpillar #cosmickidsyoga

  • emilythurgoodBest PE teacher ever!
  • heidimo21@emilythurgood they love it! Kind of boring for me because I don't have to do much. You should try it with ruby and Olivia. I bet they would love it!
  • jennalynpittWill does cosmic kids yoga sometimes, he loves it. I bet you're the coolest pe teacher!!
  • eva.m.reeseI recognize that gym
  • cosmickidsyoga@heidimo21 Thanks for posting this great clip of your class bouncing to the Hungry Caterpillar.... Jaime loves your pic and will be talking about it on Facebook Live in the next week or so. We’re also showing it on our homepage as part of our lovely cosmic community this week! Hope you and your class can check it out.
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