• fameolousent_Chile..🤔

  • allegramodelincokay i don't like the way 50 is handling his relationship with his older son but his baby mama is bitterAF why is she talking about a child who isn't her own? and what's wrong with going in a public school? that child was said to be intelligent and well educated he's not going to struggle to succeed with this attitude plus 50 is in his life i'm sure she's hurt about the fact that 50 turned his back on their son but that's not the way to make amend of the past and have better relations..she need to get it together
  • mrwooten2017Now that the child support money running low, Mona Scott Young will probably hook her up with a reality show called life after 50, documenting the struggles of trying to adjust to real world with no money or a place to live
  • googlekim36gWhy don't they have each other blocked?
  • periodpointblnk@cocoaluv28 he's in one of the top schools in NYC
  • morrbecky@allegramodelinc i think what shes getting at is that he brags about his other kids, but don't do the same for his oldest. I think she is bitter about the fact 50 never made time for their child, but has time to attempt to drag her/and the son.
  • itskeia_yabishThese two right here are BOTH just ugh
  • cocoaluv28@periodpointblnk yea i found that out after reading the whole caption
  • snook0983@mrwooten2016 💯💯💯
  • danielle__mo@iamstacey_v
  • iamstacey_v@danielle__mo what had happened 👀👀👀
  • gabbyababyIs he speaking English?? I don't understand the purpose of the caption
  • delitebrownsugaWell she should not dress him so expensive its not save at a public school. Two parents need to grow up.
  • cupcakeshaygrayBoth are petty AF, but 50 is a man and should act like one...
  • mslovelyy_@_danniix3
  • un_break_able_harlem_2017Wow just when I thought she was being the bigger person. 👎👎👎👎
  • petitephenomSo unattractive a man going back & forth w/ a female. Have some respect for the Mother of your children in the least grievance offline.
  • falling43She likes coming for him too
  • shai_miami_mommiIs that his Bm? Like who is she
  • iammssnitaShe stay comin for 50 @conyacc_brown
  • jameslynn11222@qui4msouthside no he defending himself.. This bum begs to be taken care of even if she "left".. She a bum but u just sound like a 50 hater defending this crap
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