From Hypothyroid to Healthy....OH HECK YES it's possible #hypothyroidism #hypothyroidsupport #miracletips #hope❤️
  • hypothyroidmomFrom Hypothyroid to Healthy....OH HECK YES it's possible #hypothyroidism #hypothyroidsupport #miracletips #hope❤️

  • christasgroiWow! Where do I start? Hypo & goiter for over 30 years & it's still messsed up! 😝
  • myfighttoliveagainThis gives me hope <3
  • chrisy_8Need your insight please!
  • julidoomtlI have Hashimoto, my syntroid dosage is at .112, doctor said i'm doing fine, my tsh number is at 1,56 in a range of 0,5 to 4...I think it would be better a little higher. I work out and have to be really really managing my food to be able to loose weight 😔
  • myhypothyroidjourneyLove to all who are struggling. Has been so great meeting so many of you to support each other with this tough illness 😘😘
  • love_life_with_lydia@christasgroi @chrisy_8 in not sure if you comment was directed towards me or not lol but I DM you😄
  • calandria14I need help! My blood work comes back hypo and my dose is .50!! I still feel horrible and constantly gaining weight
  • chrisy_8Love_life_with_lydia yes please!!
  • whole30glamma@love_life_with_lydia I went from hyperthyroid to hypothyroid👎👎the weight gain,depression,tired and constipation are so much worse than losing weight and heart racing. I'm off methimazole and eating paleo to see if it helps.
  • love_life_with_lydia@whole30glamma ahh that's not good! I would love to chat and tell you what I've been doing and having huge success with!
  • love_life_with_lydia@calandria14 have you tried anything to help with proper gut balance, and blood sugars? I would love to talk and see if we can find something natural to help! I have cut my Ned's in half and feel amazing!
  • mommy2adollWould love to know how you did it! I have hypo as well. Tsh very very high, taking 137mcg levy thyroxine. I'm going through just about every symptom that has to with having hypo 😔 @love_life_with_lydia
  • love_life_with_lydia@mommy2adoll I'll message you about it.😊
  • lifeafterttHypothyroid Mom have you heard about ThyVita yet??
  • contra____Lately for a yr i am having sudden irregularheartrate amd my endocrinologist said my tsh is high but my thyroid wouldn't hve anything to with it and am worried as hell. @hypothyroidmom
  • camillagurlHas anyone here tried natural desiccated thyroid? Any feedback or suggestion? Thanks
  • brie_87I'm starting to give up
  • a_marq_4I need help! I was diagnosed with hypothyroid and I am on levothyroxin 100 mcg. I don't know anything about hypothyroid but I feel so hopeless.
  • taboochik@whole30glamma paleo is your best bet...good luck! I'm trying to get back on. I had lost 50lbs in 6 months on it!
  • whole30glammaThank you!@taboochik
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