• themanchiksWould rather be climbing trees with a camera than staring at a screen right about now. #themanchiksatwork

  • jaquilynshumateYES!!!! Isn't it funny how we're viewed as mostly shooting, but reality is that's such a small portion of the job. last week I had 9 mini sessions back to back, and my right thigh was so tight the next day because a good part of each mini, I was balancing on a log! 😂😂😂
  • l.hampson🤗👊👍
  • nuehue😩😩😍
  • taralillyThis is awesome!
  • photogeniclabcreative!
  • numad.coVery awesome. Like seeing people kill it around the world. 💪 Love to see more.
  • tara_florence😍
  • filterthensnapLove it!
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