Came to Mt Shasta for the first time in my life. Such a beautiful place! :)
  • peaceful_cuisineCame to Mt Shasta for the first time in my life. Such a beautiful place! :)

  • enriquerodriguez90sis amazing yours videos ありがと 🙋 greetings from メキシコ
  • yuichi_s119カリフォルニアですか?
  • pinotnoir6Wow, so tranquil 😍
  • lupitamachainSo beautiful, beautiful!! 🌊🍃 makes me want to swim there but the cold water it's not my favorite hahaha 😁✌😘
  • cyndeeyapThat's is a very beautiful photo !
  • neethaleFound your youtube channel few days ago and all i can say is that you're amazing. Your tutorials and video about your trips are really perfect. Going to watch more and more. 💕
  • neethaleUgh and that all beautiful photos.. Im in heaven
  • petitelunatiqueYou seem to be an amazing person. I came across your youtube channel yesterday and I completely fell in love with the recipe videos, the recipe themselves. And when I was already amazed enough, I found your videos of New Zealand, which is a magical place for me that I've always wanted to know. You're a real artist, in so many ways possible, and that's amazing!
  • yu1ka2Wow!
  • gvtadaI just subscribed to your Youtube channel. You're so awesone!!!! In your Q&A you mentioned that your favorite thing to eat us curry. Do you have a favorite recipe?
  • vagina_chanMarry me
  • alexislracerBeautiful 💕 Do you vlog it?
  • famiqzYour videos are amazing!😍
  • tomris_massaget_jgBest videos, best cuisine!Love your channel!😊😊😊 @peaceful_cuisine
  • yvette_s_pDiscovered your youtube channel yesterday. Been binge watching since. You are absolutely amazing. Lots of love from South Africa✌😊💜
  • soo.ree11this picture is too good to be true 😍
  • glutenfree_world_tableI love your YouTube channel...keep up the amazing work. If you are ever in San Diego, give me a shout out. ✌️
  • marwa_satti@samhamza like this?
  • samhamza@marwa_satti yaaaas.. Imagine the swim
  • the_anthropieOmg i've always wish to come here one day
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