• unionpineWe are officially celebrating five years as @unionpine, which calls for a serious #fbf. This is one of our favorite pics of the early days because the memory of these damn beams is such a vivid one. We followed a Craigslist ad to Salem in our un-air conditioned '73 Ford on a 95 degree day, and even though we were discouraged by the size of the massive pile, the spiders, the snakes, and the heat, we couldn't turn them down. Patrick chainsawed each 25' plank in half, and the two of us loaded them into the truck until we couldn't fit any more. We drove back, slowly, and unloaded them all, finishing just in time to eat a meal and crash. The following morning, sore and exhausted, we drove back for the rest of the pile. Just as we were hauling the last beam into the venue, I set up my phone to take a picture. After a few days of scraping, cleaning, and sanding, we used the beams to build the stage that was a part of the venue for its first few years. Sure, every muscle was sore for a solid week afterwards from this project, but pushing through it together set our future in motion, and we wouldn't be where we are without those foundational beams. #happyanniversary #fiveyears #hardworkpaysoffs #unionpine

  • ladyconnie🎉✨👍🏽💃🙌🏽
  • castawaymaeCan't wait to get married there next September 💕
  • datenitebox😍
  • b.arthur.batesCongrats guys!
  • beepersnoops@unionpine great job! Cannot wait to get married there on May 6th 💘💘💘
  • salomoanLordy Lordy, I remember these. Stubbornly strong beams for stubbornly strong folks. Congrats!
  • classicvintagerentalsWoo hoo @unionpine cheers to the next 5......cannot believe it's been 5. And guess what the rest holds? 👨‍👩‍👧
  • renazerbean👏👏💕
  • connermcknoteHell yes! I ❤️ this story. You guys are such an amazing, hardworking pair and you deserve only the best. So proud and happy for you both. Much love.
  • ll_cool_kil❤️
  • sabswinksA wonderful place created by two lovely people! Congrats on 5 years ❤️guys!!!
  • ethanollieConstantly in awe at what you guys created 👏🏻
  • ckennedybeauty🙀 Wow, you guys worked so hard on it! I can't believe how you transformed it!
  • sweettitzyou guys!!!❤️⚡️
  • wdp_interiorsAmazing story, congrats!
  • recreation_departmentAwesome!
  • ayannaberkshireTruly Awesome. You two and the unfolding story of this wonderful space. ❤
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