• livingprettynaturallyOk, it’s no surprise that one of my favourite #naturalbeauty tools is coconut oil, but did you know it is the best when it comes to gentle eye makeup removal? I use my fave Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for @cocosa_norge on the daily for removal of my eye makeup. 🌴 How? Simply rinse the face with warm water (get the mascara moistened). Take a fingertip sized amount onto your fingertips, and massage until it melts. Gently pat around the eye area, and then use a damp cotton pad to remove the eye makeup. It’s super gentle, and moisturizing so you’re protecting the delicate eye area while you remove the eye #makeup. I keep a little sample sized jar in the bathroom and in my travel kit, for easy application. For my #Norwegian beauties, you can find #Cocosa around Norway at any health food store and most organic sections at the major grocery store chains. Sending you lots of #greenbeauty love! xx 💚🙏🏻💚

  • rebeck_pLove coconut oil!! 🙌🏽
  • theorganiclabellove it 💖
  • glossnaturalsLovely
  • tumbleweed_interiorsSweet trick.
  • evolveinsrilankaI use it! And being in Sri Lanka it has the benefit of already being melted 😜 but I find its so hard to get all of it and the little bit of remaining make up ends up under my eye an hour later!? Any thoughts on this? Maybe I need to use another pad to really dry the eye after? Help! 🙏
  • spoonmehoneyLove this!!!
  • wideye_natural@livingprettynaturally I think this is brilliant I'm always trying to find a natural solution to removing eye makeup 👏thanks
  • hannah_k._summervilleGreat reminder thank you :)
  • herbalpapaya🙌
  • briza339Great tip!
  • briannanaturebelleThis is exactly how I remove all my makeup. It really is the best! Bonus is, I feel like somehow the coconut oil has actually strengthened my lashes because since using coconut oil to remove mascara, I have almost no eyelashes fall out anymore.
  • beautyshortlistGreat and I use it for oil pulling with pepoermint oil (teeth, just started and am addicted now!) x
  • thesoaplady1Beautiful
  • meenooorganicsLove love loooove coconut oil. Just posted about it on our Insta page. We use it in all our products. It's the best. 😍
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