***** CLOSED*****Let's get this show om the road! 
Fall festival is now in session. 
There is a direct link in my profile telling you all you need to know about Fall Festival. Hop on over. The first Challenge is already up. *************************** ************
But what better way to get a party started, than with a giveaway?
The winner will receive 5 stampsets of their own choice!
***Follow @krumspring_ ***Tell me what you are doing this weekend in the comments below
***Tag one friend pr. comment to let them know about the festivities. If you win, one of your friends will win 2 stampsets of their choice🎉🎉🎉
***For an extra entry - repost this picture and tell people to join. - use the hashtag #krumspringfallfestival

Winners will be picked on October 21! 
YAY! Let the party begin 😍😍😍
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