Meet Saulė one of my 18 pets!
  • akianeartMeet Saulė one of my 18 pets!

  • parhomenkoburatino99goldfish
  • parhomenkoburatino99gold fish
  • parhomenkoburatino99keep off of people the more sin the less the chance for forgiveness or salvation
  • wiltam11너무 잘했어요.
  • j_girl_hopeYou are the most beautiful girls I have ever seen.
  • darthbane25I thought you named him sautė at first. I thought "wow, that's a bit cruel."
  • calebscott_I'm in love with you.
  • lauren_a_champagneAwe they are smiling with you!
  • chihealerTwo lovely smiles - three if you count mine, and even a fourth if you count Emma Abyssinian lying on my toes under the throw!
  • shelcon_constructionJust saw your interview on Sunrise here in Australia, your work is amazing as is your attitude an perspective of the world. A kind old soul, my wife an I were so impressed with how you spoke an what you had to say- keep doing good things.
  • zippitydoodah8I just saw you interview with Channel 7 (Australia ) You are an Amazing Talent and not only that but so insightful for your years✨💛 I'm so interested to see if and when you open your Academy for Art... 💛✨ Wonderful Ambition✨
  • zippitydoodah8@akianeart 👆above ✨
  • maisahdaYour entire page and artwork gives so much hope! May God always keep the light and peace alive in your heart.💜
  • murzik.purzik74thank you goldfish for all
  • murzik.purzik74you reminded me of want i no longer want to live here
  • murzik.purzik74i think to leave the monastery
  • murzik.purzik74thank you
  • murzik.purzik74awesome niece
  • murzik.purzik74now i myself begain to hate
  • art_mfeYour art is sooo inspiering ❤️
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