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  • rt#Russia tests 'unrivaled' new e-weapon

  • getempicsWeapon of "indignation" . It's written in the scriptures, our government is lying to all of us (American People) Russia will prevail it's written, get right with Christ b4 it's too late. There's not too much time left. Repent. 🙏
  • building710Investigate 9/11 follow for facts and evidence
  • jason_woodley86A drone killer
  • ali_army9These Niggas wildin @_faizal___
  • 5t0rmr1d3r77There will be a nation that will rise against all evil.
  • adityarachman69Slava Russia.Long.Allah swt will always bless Russian faderation.Respect from Republic Indonesia
  • _faizal___@ali_army9 faaar
  • military_media_Are you sure its Russian? I seen a American flag on the back @rt
  • manoukian2013please people for the love of god we all people should unit world wide russians americans all of use are human beings we the people are more powerful then goverment
  • building710Investigate 9/11 follow for facts and evidence. Let's bring the true criminals to justice
  • lionelkoolIt's sad to see the attitude of people just wanting to kill each other. Think this for a minute; Where would you be without each other...?
  • lost_seekerDo you have any information about this one please? Thanks very much! @space_and_technology
  • dawoodfaizalIt is reality .americans are the ones who is going to destroy mankind not a man who runs to europe with a suicide vest trying to avenge the deaths of his innocent farming family who knows nothing about technology
  • jasonpowellsworldAmen!
  • noncalereEMP?
  • yung_zeedlezzI wouldn't doubt that this would has gone too shit with all this political war seems like we forgot how to be humans
  • yung_zeedlezzWorld*
  • mamerehartPoint it at George soros
  • antnymnRest in peace F35
  • rafiqboukhadraسلاح قوي وفتاك
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