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  • justtnicBeauty tip 💁🏻Facials Facials Facials! I have extremely dry skin, with the amount of times I have to wash my face after work every day 😩I just had the Lift + Firm Radiofrequency treatment and Microneedling procedure done at once, (it didn't hurt!) I filmed it to share with everyone who asked for my skin care secrets! This is my first time ever trying this! Already I can see I'm getting my glow back! Thanks u so much @drkassabian you're the BEST 😘 #liftmd #Yay #drkassabian

  • damndeisha@sherinaalfred We need facials like this😩
  • sherinaalfred@damndeisha amazing💅💅💅
  • hayley_wrightWhat do you use for your skin, cream wise !? I have extremely dry skin and I cannot find a product that works!! @justtnic
  • euro3boardNice Post 💯✔️
  • louisegabrielle81I do microneedling at home, im using a dermaroller.. Google it if you don't know what it is. A lot of celibrities are using this. It REALLY works. Your skin is getting smoother. It really helps for acne scars, old scars, fine lines, wrinkles and pores. It's anti-aging and i would recommend it to everyone, it's not even that expensive.
  • jjjoannaaa_@chelsmchavez does your mom do something like this?
  • sarahelshabazz34@wafa34izz
  • chelsmchavezI want to say she does something very similar I'll ask her more about it though! @jjjoannaaa_
  • liza_rayman@mandarush 👌👌👌👌
  • rer001@04ove 😭
  • melzyfox@gina_russell24
  • uwouldsaythatleslie@jennmelody @samshorkey
  • iamterriiWhich equipment is this? @ameriproo
  • ameriproo@iamterri radio-frequency for skin tightening
  • koqueen@justtnic I did it for the first time last week and it DID HURT😑 even though she used numbing cream... Jojoba oil is gr8 for the glow factor & won't clog pores. It will actual prevent that...it's the only oil I've used where I'll wake up and see instant results... Try👊🏽👊🏽
  • lalajm24@koqueen they must had started to early before the numbing took full affect, I just had microneedling done two weeks ago and didn't feel a thing.
  • koqueen@lajm24 that's what I was thinking... 15mins only??? My skin is not sensitive and is pretty tough...not much hurts. I love the results🙋🏽 I'll ask for numbing cream to be left on longer next time. My forehead was on fire😂🔥🔥
  • lalajm24That's crazy that it didn't take affect after it was on that long. The only thing I felt was when they got super close to my ear where the numbing cream wasn't right at. But man did it tickle my above my lip my eyes kept squinting. Lol @koqueen
  • roxieeeeee14@jadebushell I want one
  • aldeciaandandrew@thefashionofficial_za chomi us soon. 😜
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