This man right here! @dangerusswilson  #Bose #yolisgrooming #thanksrussforbeingyou❤️#lovehim #YFT #seahawks #russci
  • yolondafrederickThis man right here! @dangerusswilson #Bose #yolisgrooming #thanksrussforbeingyou❤️#lovehim #YFT #seahawks #russci

  • ciaraAyeeeee 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • kali_rengstorffYES YOLANDA 😻😻
  • blon_d_bluThis is one handsome young man! Jesus take the wheel. You continue to do amazing work and always supportive of The Wilson's @yolondafrederick ❤️❤️
  • sandig_3@onthemark1 is that you on that cut. Love that look on Russ.
  • ladytye36@ciara 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • courtsidetweets👍
  • _d_chanelle^^Please block this miserable troll above.
  • samayramellissaCoool!🤗
  • alex1outof4CC
  • meshiapatriceAll the captions under Russ pictures are way too much.This hoe like him
  • mzmaebaeFriends don't post and comment on they're friend HUSBAND... u are far out of line with this...
  • shante8818U flat out wrong birch
  • __shessovainBitch your crazy looking ass know damn well you don't post shit like this about anyone's husband let alone your fucking friend
  • theflyestfes@mzmaebae Please get off her page with that. In case you overlooked the hashtag, she did his grooming for the shoot. There is nothing wrong or unusual about an artist or stylist displaying the work they've done for their clients. And guess what. Ciara 'liked' the pic and even commented. Stop looking for drama where there's none.
  • litbihh__the way she put these captions are bit , that's the problem.. great she is his grooming but lawd have mercy and this man right here sounds if she climbing that russ train or trying , half yall know damn well if that was your bestfriend, you would have drug that ass . so don't give these bullshit excuses
  • litbihh__*much , groomer
  • 50shadesofgray83@meshq297 hell yeah she does did you see the birthday shout out post? I mean she is really out of her lane and Ciara needs to beware of this!
  • tbh.idky@theflyestfes oh shut up cuz u agree with @mzmaebae there is something wrong with the way she commented
  • theflyestfes@tbh.idky Ciara saw no problem with the comment and 'liked' the pic back when it was posted.🙄 Case closed. Leave this woman alone.
  • tbh.idky@theflyestfes no u don't see it u just stay in your lane and don't worry about other people comment everybody comments what they wanna comment so now the case is closed
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