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  • tinyhousegiantjourneyWinterizing the #tinyhouse Trying foam for the #tinyhouseskirt this year. Any ideas for what to cover it with to make it look nice?? Something cheap/free.
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  • alanwise3Small square straw bails would hide the practicality...and compliment the wood nicely....make sure no access for mice...
  • sarcasticbarberMaybe cover it with lattice or so wood paneling?
  • cache_puppy_owner@tinyhousegiantjourney beautiful video
  • lost_n_thoughtYeah I was thinking lattice too. Shame you're not close, I have about 10 partial sheets left over in the basement from hubby's side job. NC is a little far to drive for free lattice! 😂
  • biglerthaneverHay bales
  • toddschu70We are doing foam with lattice
  • geraldsmagicWhat state are you at
  • tiny_house_tiny_cabinYour place is atill looking so good! Yeah we have to set up our skirting to. Will you let us know how the foam works out? Its a great idea. I was thinking, and you could cover it with earth tone fabric to match your walls and it would add a little extra insulation....
  • gatormichWonder if you could find dome heat tolerant black hose and create have one end circled in a coldframe and the other running under the tiny home in addition to your insulation and haybales so the sunlight can transfer heat via the black hose to help knock out the cold air underneath the TH?
  • driveabout1worldKeep it simple. Roll on some black paint.
  • 2seaoarknot2seaStraw bales would help give more insulation plus give a nice fall look if you added gourds and pumpkins.
  • the.poiriers@tinyhousegiantjourney hey there was wondering if you knew who won the sweepstakes for Behr never got an email saying who one kinda wonder if it was a gimmick.
  • tinyhousegiantjourneyFrom what I'm told, straw bales would get too wet in this humid climate. I would have to wrap them in plastic to last all winter and I don't think that would look better. Plus they aren't cheap. The lowest I could find was $3.50 a piece, and I would need like 16 of them. And I have no way to transport them to my tiny house
  • tinyhousegiantjourney@the.poiriers I don't know who won or if they have announced yet. It's not a gimmick! We saw the real house!
  • musiccitytinyhouseWe adhered sheets of plywood to the foam and painted the plywood. Worked well!
  • genyrealestateinvesting👏
  • centroplexusThe thing is you have reflective panels that will help reflect the radiated cold away from the underside of the trailer. If you cover this up, without leaving an airspace, it won't be anywhere near as effective. Looks like the best thing you could do would be to buy some reuseable, weatherproof fabric that you can attach to the bottom of the trailer and leave an airspace on the outside of the foam. This should give you the best results. Otherwise, get some spray adhesive and just attach dry leaves to the side of the foam panels.
  • mckenzieraerobinsonIt's our first year in our tiny home and winterizing it! We got our foam for skirting and plan to cover it with canvas. I read your blog post, but any other tips before the cold Nebraska winter hits us? You guys are such an inspiration for my fiancé and I. 😊 @tinyhousegiantjourney
  • cloud_city_tattoo@sabbaticgoat
  • masoudansari126🍙💐💐💐💐💐
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