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  • jeremysafferFlipping through the "Jeremy Saffer special edition" Xpressions w. Alissa @alissawhitegluz on the cover! this issue has an incredible interview where Alissa and I interview each other! it's 8 PAGES! and very in depth (took us two nights to do the interview!) lots of great info from both of us in there including some never before seen photos of Alissa. it's also loaded with tons of my work as well as some spooky creepy work from some other models and photographers. recognise anyone in there?? on sale now ...and it's absolutely worth it. the pages are high quality paper, the prints are perfect and each image is easy to cut and post on your wall should you want to. Biggest thanks to Trixie for having me do a special edition again and to Alissa for all of her hard work and long hours doing the interview and going through photos (and of course being an incredible supportive friend and flawless subject to photograph). get your physical or digital copy here: http://www.magcloud.com/user/xpressions

  • charziewhiteleeWow looks amazing!
  • miserybiersackThis is AMAZING
  • blackshit66THE BEST!!! 💜
  • tatianaohlalaThe photos look fantastic!
  • hannahsfavmotionless_funstaYES
  • miwbandfeedLit
  • michellevcaIm ordering the fuckoutta this
  • doylewvfFUCKYESSS HONOURED @jeremysaffer
  • jeremysaffer@doylewvf thank you!! excellent song in the background too!!
  • buryyourdeadofficialI made it! You rule. :) -*Mat
  • judithwhitegluzOh hell YESSSS @jeremysaffer
  • iclamnsWhere do I get the magazine I want it now please 😭😭😭🙏
  • jeremysaffer@iclamns the link at the end of my post or Google xpressions magazine.:)
  • hashimotoseigoBABYMETAL発見!
  • motxonlessxnxwhxteCan I buy this in stores?
  • jeremysaffer@creaturecostello you can get it online at the link or Google xpressions magazine and you'll find it
  • heavymetalpriestess17I love the shoots of Alissa and Doyle they look intense
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