• sparkleshinesamToday kicked off week two of working in the Big Apple! Besides my MetroCard, my other go-to necessity is my @wearsafelabs Tag. I always feel safe knowing in a click of a button my mom and best friends can know if I need help! In a click of my Tag, they can know my location, get audio context of what is happening around me, and a group text will be coordinated to figure out who can come help me. SUPER useful for other commuters, nights out on the town, and so much more. No matter my adventure, I'm safe. You can win your own adventure - WORTH UP TO $15,000! - by going on their Instagram & finding out more about their #giveaway!!! || #ad #wearsafe #wearsafeadventure 🏙🏙
  • ooohliveyeahHoly crap that's so cool
  • panquee4466That literally seems so amazing
  • emilyvaldes_How much is that, I need one
  • phatkimkPerfect for you haha
  • simoneezyWhere in the device is the clown repellent?
  • ashhhtaggg^ retweet @simoneezy
  • saltandlightcompanyThat's awesome!
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