• lifeofyablonPeople of Insta. I'm writing a piece about why we (most of here at least) love to take photos. I know why I do. But do you know why you do? Leave a message or private message me if you're shy. Pretty pls. ✨

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  • travelistabarbieI love to create memories, plus I love challenging myself to see something new when taking pics
  • xanthebI see (potential) photos everywhere I look. How the light falls, how the colours shine, the textures... or a subject within a frame. But mostly it's to hold onto a memory or moment, even if I don't look at the photo again (which is unlikely) the action of taking it, acknowledges the moment and therefore makes me remember it more. A bit like writing it down but in a visual way. Love this question and your photo. Hope you're well 😘
  • millyphilip78I don't feel like I've lived the moment unless I have the photo. Memories are precious & photographs keep them clear. I was lucky enough to have many taken during my childhood & they really help to bring it all back when I see them. To take a nice photograph of a friend brings me joy.....sometimes people don't see how beautiful they truly are & taking a nice photo of someone you love can help them to see their beauty.
  • sophieeggletonI think for me it's a mixture of things. There's a mindfulness element for sure. Concentrating on that composition and capture takes me away from the negative distractions and stresses I may otherwise have been thinking ( dwelling on ). It's also a thing you can do whenever, wherever and if you have a big SD card you can create hundreds of images in a short space of time. Whereas when I create visuals via drawing each piece takes a lot of time. I love that it encourages me outdoors but also leads me to looking at the everyday things, the mundane, even ugly things, and appreciating them in a new way. Perhaps they create an awesome shadow, perhaps they come alive when light shines on it, perhaps when accompanied by something opposing it creates an interesting narrative. I love it for documentation to and the fact that's it easier to share things like our travels with the use of these visuals. I love that visuals are quick to digest yet if you look for it can say as much as a whole text of writing. I could ramble about this for ages...
  • ariannasdailyFor me it's about capturing the moment... by taking a picture it automatically leaves me with a more vivid memory of that moment. I also like challenging myself and finding a creative way of capturing what I see in front of me. I enjoy it so much that it totally relaxes me! Xxx ps. Lovely pic!
  • tamara__ssYour picture is the best of what you see, the best of what you are, is the world you would like to live in, beautiful perfect endless but unfortunately not real. That's why once you start, you can't stop.
  • onlinestylistI'm still learning a lot so it challenges me and I like that. Not only that but images are the best element when it comes to storytelling and my favourite part of blogging and Instagram. You can lose yourself in a sea of beautiful imagery xxx
  • stylonylonNot sure can put into words! 😬
  • marinascholzephotoNice!
  • leveylex@lifeofyablon Got to say how well you've captured 'the calm' in this reflective nature shot! Love x
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