👀 Teia drafting paryl. Testing out some muted grey acrylic ink. 
#inktober #day7 #brentweeks #lightbringerseries #bloodmirrorhype #teamteia #inktober2016 #liquitexacrylicink #liquitex #artistsoninstagram
  • reiyeka👀 Teia drafting paryl. Testing out some muted grey acrylic ink.
    #inktober #day7 #brentweeks #lightbringerseries #bloodmirrorhype #teamteia #inktober2016 #liquitexacrylicink #liquitex #artistsoninstagram

  • misterricklesWaiting for, "Why are here eyes all black?"
  • iamkrohnUgh my own brain informing the characters when I am reading. I always thought of Teia as Darker (Gabby Douglas dark)
  • iamkrohn@misterrckles in the book the magic users power up their magic from certain wave lengths of light. They gather the wavelength via their eyes. Teia's wavelength is in the Xray. In order to gather this she has to stretch her irises to max
  • reiyeka@iamkrohn ah yes I regret not shading the skin on these ink drawings because it's caused some debate haha, but it was only bc I was keeping the skin as lineart in case I wanted to go back in and shade it - I'm still trying to figure out Teia's skin tone, she is described as being just dark enough for the Blackguard with Atashian features and Atashians are often said to have olive skin so I first imagined her as a deep olive tone, like what is the cut off for normal in the Blackguard? But in the blood mirror, during her time in Paria she said she felt more at home and that her family had roots in Paria, so I'm thinking she's yet a few shades darker than olive. Also I think @misterrickles was joking, he's a big fan like us! 😁😁
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