• doctorknoxWow, what a great year it's been for me working with @jamesbaymusic !!
    Last night's gig in Kansas marks the end of an incredible 'Chaos and the Calm' run. Very proud to have been a part of the amazing team that have been on the road for almost 2 years, over 200 shows in 23 countries!
    I hope you all have suitably large hangovers today! x

  • myconcert.shotsWe saw Chaos Before The Calm at Hard Rock Live Orlando it @jamesbaymusic was incredible . Loved all your pictures from the tour😀 Just bought tickets for the Jingle Jam!! Will you be there talking pictures ?
  • mcapslock88It's been a great ride , thanks for taking us along the journey
  • melsalinas.mAnd Chile??? 😞
  • doctorknox@myconcert.shots Thank you! Not sure yet. But I hope so!
  • doctorknox@mcapslock88 My pleasure, couldn't do it without all of you guys! 😃
  • tizzybcThanks for all the awesome photos and thank you for being so sweet to my 4 year old in Charlotte😊
  • jillianlee_xReally enjoyed your photos along the way!
  • myconcert.shotsI hope so too!
  • margueritegirlleo👏🏼🍾🎶
  • heikebarbaraWoah, two years! Thank you so much for your awesome photography and for keeping us updated with your fantastic photos! Love (ed) it! ❤❤❤
  • doctorknox@jillianlee_x Thank you! 😀
  • aanaabananaaIt's been a joy seeing you document the journey. Wishing you all of the best! 💛
  • doctorknox@tizzybc Thank you! She's a sweetheart. Glad you all enjoyed the gig! 😀
  • doctorknox@aanaabananaa Thank you! 😁
  • sarahbean__Amazing job! Thanks for sharing!
  • my3abcI never got you to sign JB's program in Richmond. It was a pleasure meeting you. If you ever get the chance could you post the pics you took of me. I'm the. Crazy FanGirl with the JB tattoo. Thanks for your beautiful pictures or such a beautiful man.xxx❤
  • doctorknox@my3abc Thanks. Lovely to meet you too. DM'd you your photo 📸
  • markjohn.music😎 love this 😎
  • rhondamasonI loved seeing the tour through your eyes! Nashville at the Ryman was amazing. Thank you for sharing your amazing work with us! I can't wait to see what else you have coming.📸 👀 😘 Love and best wishes to you!
  • doctorknox@rhondamason Thank you! 😊
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