• lruettimannSurprise birthday was a success. #auntsofinstagram #americangirl #chicago

  • sergeimidmichAdorable!
  • susanlamotteSo cute! I love her glasses.
  • williamtincupLooks fun... and overwhelming... at least for dad's with boys..
  • deirdrereidYou are an awesome aunt.
  • metwomleyOMG I so loved that place with my girls. Today We surprised a 5 year old friend and had her over for lemonade and cookies under the rouse of just playing. We had all my 13 year olds American girl stuff displayed to play with (pristine condition ). As Caroline was leaving we said, "would you like to take kit and ruthie home?" She was soooo excited.
  • lruettimannAw @metwomley that's sweet
  • j.t.odonnellYears ago, we surprised my youngest daughter and did T for her birthday in NYC. It was amazing! You are officially the best auntie ever. :-)
  • jmillermerrellI love the hashtag and that's the perfect place for a birthday surprise!
  • manosxa!!!spectacular
  • lruettimannThanks everybody. We had a fun weekend. 🎉
  • kellyolsakovskyThat's awesome. The AG store in Houston is one of my daughter's favorite places.
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