THANX FOR 50k!!! I find myself here having such a great audience and I'm just as surprised as my friends who say, geez mister, you have a bunch of followers. Of course obsessing over followers is shallow, but it's also really quite natural; getting recognition gives you a sense of gratification, and every follower represents a small dopamine boost. Anyway, something I've come to understand is that the number of followers you have is absolutely not an indication of talent. There are a whole slew of much, much more talented folks than I am who haven't gotten as much attention yet. Many of those I've looked up to in the past little while as artists have fewer followers than I do, but it hasn't AT ALL changed the fact that they're my inspirational figures. Although it's not a competition, when I surpassed them in terms of followers, I felt like the natural order of the world was upside down... Somehow I got more exposure, possibly because of my unrelenting and shameless hashtagging. All that to say, thank you for following this account, my friends, but keep an eye on the real artists out there! ❤️
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