• sindhujp@mydaily_meal a perfectly engineered meal replacement shake. . Perfect meal in 1 minute . Healthiest meal you can ever have . Contains 12 vitamins and 13 minerals . No added preservatives . No artificial color . Transfat free

    My experience :

    I have poured the content in to a shaker and added 350 ml of cold water in to it and mixed it well. It tasted exactly like vanilla milkshake that I gulped it down in a few seconds. It kept me hunger free for 4 hours. I really love this entire concept and would like to carry this along when I'm on the go and won't get time to have a proper meal. Though the shake was tasty and everything, I kinda craved for something spicy after having it as I'm used to have wholesome spicy lunch.
    Price - Inr 175/- More details - mydailymeal.com

    #mealreplacementshake #mydailymeal

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