Look at these cute ornaments! What are some of your holiday traditions?

@sageandsparkle shares their tradition:
Not only is this Jayden's 1st Christmas tree, but it's also my first one with all my childhood ornaments on it. 🎄My wonderful mom used to get us each two new ornaments a year (one that was part of a series + one of our choice). Last year, after packing up her decorations, my mom sent me a box filled with all of my ornaments. I guess turning 30 meant I was settled enough to have them on my own tree. Little did she know at the time, that this would be the perfect Christmas to receive them. 1st tree as a wife, as a mother + filled with all my childhood holiday memories. 
The set pictured above is my Crayola Crayons set (1989-1998). I hope to one day pass these down to Jayden. So excited to start his own collection this year + carry on the tradition! 🤗 #holidaytraditions #averysantiagochristmas
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