• girlinflorence"Well I think at 1 year in Florence I was still in the phase of, “Italy is amazing, my boyfriend is amazing, having my family here is amazing, my new friends are amazing, the food, the art, the culture, the wine….. its all Amazing!” I hadn’t hit my first “I live in Italy and this is tough” breakdown yet, and they always come. If I could have told myself then that to me, the key of truly building a life here was to find something that made me feel like I am amazing too
    The Wine Club became that for me. It was something that I could pour my heart into and be proud of. I’m passionate about it and it makes me truly happy. I have joy from my now husband, family, friends, food, culture and all that a life in Italy can offer but I also have self confidence and pride in myself and my little niche I have created here. Oh and maybe I would tell myself to buy bigger pants… living in the land of carbs is a waistline game changer!"
    My latest #LocalsILove is none other than @sqfioravanti, wine club creator at @enotecapittigolaecantina, dog lover and mushroom hunter. Check out what else she has to say about life in #YourFlorence via the link in my bio.

  • sarandaadrianaLoving this post! The story is very inspiring! I literally cant wait to hop on the plain the 20th to come back to my lovely Florence! Even it's only for 4 days! :)
  • travelitalianstyleLove it!! I used to run a wine club so im super inspired by this!! ❤️reading now
  • merbsiesExpat life anywhere is hard. And it takes a while to set in. Thanks for this post. Love it.
  • gracie239You couldn't have picked a better place to have a wine club. Where is it? I'm coming to Florence next week to visit friends.😊
  • heartromeFantastic story!! Love love this series ❤️
  • bellabernsmed👊🏼💃🏻La dolce vita 😊🍷🍴E Amore ❤️
  • rorobitettiI admire anyone who can pick up and follow their dreams! I have visited all parts of Italy many times and Tuscany is my favorite place ... always. I have traveled to other countries but Italy is where my heart will always be! Enjoy your life!
  • megandeangeloLOVE THIS! And you girls! @girlinflorence @sqfioravanti
  • merryfeastBeautiful! I love these thoughtful inside glimpses @girlinflorence ❤️
  • kirsteentraversCan't WAIT to read this!
  • lucythelyon@eyelashezz you in 10?
  • garthbernsteinOur favorite place! Great article
  • garthbernsteinCan you get 23 a ginori to reproduce the green leather coasters and place mats? I asked, they said "yes" but, you know (insert Italian shrug here)
  • michelletarnoGreat advice @sqfioravanti 👍
  • e_danskaLove your words- you are also a writer.
  • berndhepShe's a gorgeous girl with a gorgeous boy. Nice to have here in my favourite town.
  • tori_vapes👊👊👊👊👊👊
  • bibipiersonGreat feature! I would love to see more of that here! Miss Firenze so much!
  • lucyandgI love that while opening.... all so true. #expatlife
  • scooteromatoursBrilliant choice 🙌🏻 So much respect and love for @sqfioravanti 💕
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