• caryncaldwellI'm loving this new mug from the @enchantedprints Etsy store. QOTD: What does your favorite mug look like?⠀

    Books in the photo:⠀

    * PIPER MORGAN IN CHARGE by Stephanie Faris / @stephfaris

    * EVERYTHING BUT THE TRUTH by Mandy Hubbard⠀

    * SHUFFLE, REPEAT by Jen Klein / @jenkleinbooks/⠀

    * PIPER MORGAN JOINS THE CIRCUS by Stephanie Faris / @stephfaris

    * HELLO, GOODBYE, AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN by Jennifer E. Smith / @jenniferesmith/⠀

  • scenicworldsMine is an owl
  • elouise_batesA small, cobalt-blue, pottery mug my husband got me for our anniversary last year. Fits my hand just perfectly!
  • caryncaldwell@scenicworlds That sounds awesome! I love owls.
  • caryncaldwell@elouise_bates That sounds gorgeous! I love cobalt, and there's something SO satisfying about a mug that can be perfectly cupped in the hand.
  • melaniehooThanks!
  • enchantedprintsLove this colorful photo! Thanks so much for sharing and glad you are enjoying your new mug. 💕
  • caryncaldwell@enchantedprints Thank you for designing such a beautiful mug & for sending it! I prepped for a black & white theme to match the mug -- background, books, etc. But it felt like things were blending together too much, so I switched it up and went for COLOR instead to make the mug stand out.
  • caryncaldwell@enchantedprints P.S. I'd follow you back, but I'm already following. ;-)
  • iturn2djYou should try Yogi Tea if you are a Tea fan. ☺️
  • shariwritesSuch a pretty picture! My favorite is (surprise, surprise) a tie between two bunny-related mugs. One says "keep calm and binky on" and the other says "rescue mom" and has paw prints :)
  • bridgidgallagherWhat a lovely photo! I rotate favorite mugs... depending on my mood (is that weird? 😆). Today I used my YA Buccaneers mug.
  • caryncaldwell@iturn2dj Sounds delicious! I'm definitely a tea fan. :-)
  • caryncaldwell@shariwrites Ooh! I love the sound of those mugs! So cool!
  • caryncaldwell@bridgidgallagher Ha! I do the same thing. (Though this one is definitely my current favorite.)
  • livsbookshelfThis photo is so pretty! 😍💕
  • cresfordAwesome photo!
  • pretty_little_libraryLove this 😍💗
  • mo_ko_ko_socksThat's great!
  • protomPretty cool
  • carlaschmibildlich
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