• adamjkit's real it's real omg @pickmeup is in places that aren't my apartment!!!!! thank u everyone who ordered this book or is thinking abt it 😌
    if you're outside of the USA, @bookdepository has it in stock for $10.80 (USD) and free worldwide delivery! in the USA it's $10.05 on amazon now. link in my bio has a page with more details, a printable excerpt zine, and retailer links!

  • crowdfundsuccessWe like it 👍👍
  • cabradabraCongrats Adam on all your hard work!
  • ninaunderapapermoondo you happen to know the shipping costs for Germany? would love to order one from your shop!
  • adamjk@ninaunderapapermoon they're free shipping at @bookdepository and not actually available directly from me so that's your best bet!
  • ninaunderapapermoon@adamjk oh, haha. alright, thanks !!
  • adrimosquera@nmosquera !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bday bday
  • _erinfaeI'll see of @auckland_libs has it and if not they'll buy it 👌
  • grey_skys_and_spaceThese look incredible and will be buying mine asap from book depository. Also greetings from Australia ✨
  • adamjk@grey_skys_and_space 👋✨
  • trishagGot mine yesterday! Just in time 'cause I was on 3 flights last week & got some crazy ass virus. 😷
  • adamjk@crowdfundsuccess thanks guys!
  • adamjk@trishag everyone's getting sick! i just got over a weeklong cold right in time to be happy at the book party but it was a shitty week last week 😩
  • adamjk@elchicotabla 😘
  • trishag@adamjk Yeh all I can think is that I caught it flying home from California. Stomach went bonkers Monday night and have been a weak, achy mess ever since. The husband has it now too but thankfully not as bad as me. Glad you got to enjoy yer book party tho. 🎉
  • alisonhenrieCongratulations! Can't even wait to get mine. Yes yes yes.
  • auckland_libs@_erinfae @adamjk We'll do our best! Thanks for counting on us 👋💓
  • jolayanaiseMine came today!!! And I love it!! I just kept saying to myself, "This is such a great book!" So glad I ordered an extra copy for my best friend's birthday in a couple weeks! She's going to be so surprised. 😊
  • adamjk@jolayanaise hooray!!!!!! so happy you like it i know it's weird haha
  • jolayanaiseHaha weird is good. It's very much my kind of humor & way of thinking. I especially enjoy the randomness that still all fits together. Way to go!! Thanks for this!
  • jolayanaiseAlso it reminds me of something I made for myself a few years back. I called it "The Cheer Up! Book" and it was a notebook filled with quotes, happy thoughts, and nice notes from loved ones--made especially for rough days.
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