See you in 8 hours on my YouTube channel ;)
  • peaceful_cuisineSee you in 8 hours on my YouTube channel ;)

  • naturshopspa.mari美味しそう❤️
  • luqing19920428yagamiharukoすみません youkuでいつ見られるでしょうか😍
  • gajieHuuuum it's look so yummyyyy !!!! ✨😱✨
  • burikkoxpPerfect timing! I wanted to make this!
  • risako.y.8✨😍✨😍
  • raspbry@angeline.666 I love this dude, he's vegan and makes amazing videos on YouTube !! His camera and sound quality makes me cry (goals !!!) 😭😭😭💕💕 and look at his kitchen how cool
  • angeline.666@raspbry yes he is one of my fav channels ^-^ he is so chill and his recipes are lovely 💞
  • serenella_pallottoI did it! The taste is sooo good! 😍 thank you Ryoya 😄
  • raspbry@angeline.666 right???!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭💕💕💕
  • arcanum.azraelWow
  • plant.cuisineHi @peaceful_cuisine , love your videos! Possible to film one on vegan bento? It's hard to find commercial vegan bentos in Japan.
  • fuelbycoffee2Your videos on YouTube are so awesome!💕💕💕
  • lavieentoastThis recipe was brilliant. Will definitely have to try it out 👌
  • shi.mi.zu_たかしまさんの事を調べようと、HP見たんですが英語で(馬鹿な高校生なばかりに)分かりませんでした😭たかしまさんは、料理教室、もしくはレストランを経営していたりするんですか?
  • gammmmmJust found ur youtube channel few days ago, already subscribed after saw just one vdo 🙏🏻 💕 Really love all your cooking vdo// very delicate !!! You not open any cooking class? Do you plan to hold cooking class? 😊
  • betariaisah@oatmeal_cookiess this is the channel i told u about
  • she_looks_rosieI've just found your YT channel. I'm amazed!! Love the no music videos. You're a great chef!
  • saveurfilleI love that you two switched recipes!!! Great concept!
  • clewisnmy3girlsAnyone know how I can access the recipe? I can't see it on YouTube 😞
  • vegano_maniakGreat looks❤🙊
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