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  • beverleychengGlutes glutes GLUTESSS 🍑
    I am not always the best at making sure I activate my glutes before heavy lifting, but yesterday I seriouslyyy needed it. I LOVE these bands, the brand is called Perform Better and I got them online for like $5 each.
    I usually do 2-3 rounds of:
    Lateral kick backs x 10
    5 squats x 5 sec hold
    Side to side shuffle x 10
    Backward squat steps x 10
    Superrr important to activate your glutes, otherwise you'll find yourself using your quads improperly for many lower body exercises. Also a nice round bum is nice. 🍑

  • picardatWhere can I get the bands for $5?
  • dayners7@pkirkby9 we can do these with the red band 😁😧
  • jordynwoych@juliannee_ where do we get one of these bands!?
  • nspcsydneyLove it! 👌
  • theotherdatsyukIf ever you tried, which activate the glutes better; these band exercises or pistol squats? Because I do the latter before squatting and I still feel like my glutes don't activate enough and it's mostly my quads doing the work. #boysneedbootiestoo
  • miss.chi@amch1v4lry body goals for bora hehe😬
  • amch1v4lry@teamchi : pwede!
  • beverleycheng@allyszeman_ do it! They're the best
  • beverleycheng@theyeboah thank you! I agree, they're catching on!
  • beverleycheng@effortless.health haha right!? I'll let him know you said so 😉
  • beverleycheng@physicalkitchness they're your BEST FRIENDS I swear
  • beverleycheng@theotherdatsyuk I wouldn't do pistol squats for activation, I would do those AFTER I activated. Then again I have bad knees so im not the best at doing them properly. Try out the bands for sure
  • physicalkitchness@beverleycheng do you have an affiliate link to buy them? Was going to get on Amazon but will purchase through you if you have an Amazon associates link so you can get some $$ ;)
  • beverleycheng@physicalkitchness you're so sweet!!! I don't actually haha, I USED to be set up and then no one ever bought anything so they cancelled my account 😫😂. Thank you tho my love!!
  • mjmarmolfitnessVery nice profile, head to my Youtube channel and subscribe to join my fitness journey!
  • burpees4bfastI've been using my loop bands for nearly every workout! Love them!
  • south.jersey.girl@kugshockey19
  • lauraklinDo you normally use the green or did you get the blue and yellow too? @beverleycheng
  • celestialanneWhat size band would you recommend I buy?
  • celestialanneAnd which website did you use to purchase them?
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