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  • tikitaaneMy missus fought her first fight last night, and she won 👊🏽 much respect to anyone who gets in the ring, win or lose, big ups!! @racheleireniaxis love you girl #Boxing #TuTahi #TeamAxis #BattleOfTheGyms

  • richiehardcoreYeah mean! Right hand on the money!
  • robertpirihiLooking forward to your Gold Coast show
  • illswinterWell done!
  • a1meehallLove your missus! She's such a cool, humble chick 😊🙌🏽
  • drugstore_loveAwesome!!! 👊🏼💥🛎
  • chloegeorge88My husband and brother met u last nyt he knew he was in trouble when he got home hahah @tikitaane 👍🏽❤️️ jelous
  • rachelaxisThanks my baby. I Couldn't have done it without the constant support and love from you. You also rode the emotional roller coaster with me which was damn hard, so I really appreciate that. Love you so much. Xxx
  • rachelaxis@a1meehall thanks beautiful, thanks for the nice messages, i appreciate it a heap! And you are also ☺️💞
  • pepabohemiantattooawesome and congrats Rachel💥🙂
  • kimie.keyKeep your guard up girl!! 💪 and nice video, I bet the atmosphere and adrenaline was an amazing experience! The both of you are super inspirational people across the globe, keep loving life 💚
  • a1meehall@racheleireniaxis aww thanks beautiful woman! 💙 Hope you'll be at the Melb gig again! 😊
  • rachelaxisThanks @pepabohemiantattoo! See you in a couple of weeks. And @kimie.key I know! I was so annoyed at myself for not using my parry! She got me a few goodies haha. Thanks for the kind words ☺️💞 @a1meehall - sadly not this time 😔 I couldn't afford to come over and gonna keep training for my next fight in a few months x
  • a1meehall@racheleireniaxis aww damn! Well just keep up the awesome work girl & keep kicking ass like you do! 😄💪🏽💙
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