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  • masuimimaxOne more from the archives - my appearance on #fearfactor - I cant believe this episode is still on tv. 🙈 Fun fact: #joerogan was enamored by my tattoos! I think this was before he had any! Also, this is why my hair is so short.. I used to change the color and style almost EVERY week. Thank god for wigs and extensions, it's a lot longer now! 🙊
    Repost from @13warrior21 - One thing I love about this episode is that I follow this women and she has came a long way from her career #masuimimax

  • docundeadI remember that shit!!!
  • dangg_cc😱😍
  • amandaarteneseOh shit! I could never figure out where I'd seen you before, but this was it!!!!!!!!
  • greybeard76I remember this live
  • gypsie_13@omar_g42k
  • jenfregozoOmg!!!! Hahahaha i remember this!!!!!
  • rudes78The balut challenge was still the best ever! 😂😂😂 @masuimimax
  • mjsmamiThe only reason i watched this ever was to see you.
  • gwebber.artSwagger 👍
  • sorrowsmilesLoved watching this ep
  • ghostrider30@masuimimax very sexy
  • mummygoodmanWhat actual episode was this?
  • townsendlesterawesome
  • takeshmodeWhen you ate the potato bug I knew then you had more balls then me. I may have two but god damn that took like 8 balls 😂😅😉
  • luralupinupOh my God I used to love fear factor I probably totally saw that episode
  • shellydinfernoOMG how badass are you!!
  • wonderwomanx0x0😲 That was you! So different. Badass then Badder now😈
  • simmons_spaceYes I remember seeing this on tv after I got home from middle school 😂
  • dycbooksCool
  • lynchie_77This was the first time I saw you!! I cut my hair like that 😂
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