• rax_mitterLeave it to the mountains to humble the shit out of you. Long story short, I had grand plans of making it from Innsbruck to Meran in a measly four days (about 170km and 11,000 vertical meters) alone on my bike. I failed miserably. On Day 2, I made the choice to abandon the trip because it felt unreasonably hard. Excuses: pack was too heavy, legs were too weak, bike wasn't set up right, etc. The classics. Whatever. Instead, I had the time of my life exploring a new, stunningly beautiful part of the Alps, rode the best trails I have ever ridden, met some sweet new people, ate some damn good food, and learned the lesson that getting your ass handed to you can sometimes force you to stop and smell the flowers. Also learned that an #endurbro is simply called an endurist in euroland. [1/3] #soenduro #mtb #stubai #innsbruck #transalp

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