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  • ceciliamfulleWait command mastered !!Bayon and Beckett are very young dogs . They Love playing and they get very excited when meeting new dogs. We have been working on being able to hold a wait or a stay or a down with passing dogs . New dogs . Today I brought Lilly to class and Bayon and Beckett were amazing . Look at them sitting politely while we distract them . So proud of my students ! @ror.s.green @asthecrowsflyhome

  • foxyandtina👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
  • marnees.muttsSo proud of Beckett!!!! Such a good girl!!
  • zoedfriendOk, Coco needs this class!
  • shannonsk9sGood job 👏🏼
  • sazzypants47I discovered by accident Lola and Wyatt knew "wait" not "stay" which was the word I always used. Still, after 5 years I am discovering words they know.
  • sazzypants47But....they are not quite as good as these pups!
  • heatherlmurdock@ceciliamfulle 😍🐾❤️
  • mtztoniNicely done.
  • helenmccartneydesignsWow. Fantastic. What great dogs 🐶
  • fawndarellaWe need to come back to clsss.
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