• esrigramToday is October 1st which means Halloween is just 30 days away! All month we’ll be featuring spooooky maps and other scary surprises. 👻
    We start with this eerie map of Tennessee comb gravesites created by @chuckjsutherland. The historic tent-like burial markers were made by laying two long pieces of flagstone against one another. Although their purpose is not clear, it is thought the markers were put in place to protect the grave.
    Chuck made the map using GPS points of over 400 grave locations along the western front of the Cumberland Plateau. The background hillshade and elevation layers are made from 10m DEMs. The Hartselle outcrop is from the state geology layer, and the main comb range is a smoothed buffer of the interior cluster of comb graves.
    Thanks for sharing, Chuck! Tag us in your creepy maps for a chance to be featured in October!
    #ArcGIS #GIS #Esri #Tennessee #history #map #mapping

  • julietabotGREAT idea 👍
  • saifulslim@dewasuarjaya
  • r2junotburial sites = sacred ground. not creepy. what makes them creepy is when local .gov ignores maps and desecrates them for infrastructure. Please don't put a creepy spin on grave sites like the press does. you gives us the tools that can help us honor these sites! let's be part of the solution
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