• beautifullyme16#giveaway
    Let's start the festive season with a bang.
    In association with one of my favourite eco friendly e-commerce site @grassspider I am taking a little initiative towards saving our environment.
    Step 1: follow @beautifullyme16 and @grassspider
    Step 2: Comment with your answers what initiative would you take to protect our environment *optional
    Step 3: Tag 3 friends in the comment section.
    One lucky winner will win this extremely convenient eco friendly bag.
    To get a better look at the picture of the bag do check out my blog or the Grass spider site (link in bio)
    *Open to Indian residents only
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  • terrystapesNice post 😏
  • talshoosterLove your style.
  • jayanthiparthasarathyI hardly use plastic bags , even when a shop hands me one I wash it & return it to the shop-keeper as he can re-use it. This reduces the amt of plastic that winds up in rivers & in the garbage. @aishwaryakrishnammachary @aishwaryasarathy @sushurao
  • aishwaryakrishnammacharyMy effort of saving starts with using CFL & energy-efficient tube lights as much as possible to save electricity and reduce power consumption. We don’t own a fridge. Instead we purchase vegetables directly from farmers (promoted by govnt. Of Maharashtra) on a day-to-day basis. Also we use an earthen pot to store things that need to be cooled. We boil milk well so that it needs no refrigeration. We wrap fruits & other perishables in a damp cloth for the same cooling effect as that of a fridge. We , as a family , are strongly committed to saving water. We value each drop. We close all taps tightly and don’t use a shower & use a bucket instead for bathing. Most importantly we re-use the rinse-water (that is a end-product of washing clothes) to flush our toilets, so that we don’t waste precious fresh water in flushing. @aishwaryasarathy @krishnaps @sushurao
  • atambrahmgirlWe have a lot of small plants indoors and also on our windowsill. We can't all plant a tree at our homes in the city atleast, so I feel plants substitute for that somehow. We have a lot of flowering plants which attracts bees and butterflies, also birds. It's like our own small sanctuary. We also compost. @kia_ram @whiteshoe_grl @divyaparichha
  • chikilulukatotofuI would be so grateful to win this, especially since it's my birth month! 🙏🏽 @joshua_jjacobs @jose.hira @flower_bella_
  • yashsutariaFab!
  • beautifullyme16And the winner of this #giveaway is @aishwaryakrishnammachary . Plz DM us your address. Also I would like to notify that since we loved @jayanthiparthasarathy and @kaizen281 s' answers as well but we had to decide on a single winner, @grassspider and I decided to follow up with another giveaway on my blog that will have three winners. Hope to see your entries once again. Good luck!
  • atambrahmgirlI look forward to it Clara😘 @beautifullyme16 ... Congrats to the winner😊
  • aishwaryakrishnammacharyThank you so much ! Never thought I'd own such a cute bag that's eco-friendly too
  • jayanthiparthasarathyI'm grateful just to read your blog & read frank honest reviews so that I can make better choices in skin care. Winning or losing doesn't matter much :)
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