• mississippiveganAt the age of 20, I embarked on my journey of becoming a passionate vegan. I was quickly introduced to a whole new world that I had never known before and I was eager to learn. One of the first names that I was introduced to was @isachandra. With her fantastic cookbooks and tv show, the Post Punk Kitchen, I was undoubtably inspired by her infinite knowledge about delicious vegan cuisine. As I grew older, finishing college and then moving to New York, I kept a close eye on Isa’s career (as most vegans do), watching her release book after book and opening up her first restaurant @modernloveomaha. Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to help Isa prepare her recipes to be photographed for her latest book, ‘The Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook,’ here in Brooklyn. It was then that Isa and I started our friendship which quickly grew into something very special. Shortly after, I went to Omaha to help her make more of her recipes to be photographed to finish her book. Since then, she moved back to Brooklyn (down the street from me!) to open her 2nd restaurant @modernlovebrooklyn. Next month, her holiday book will be released on the 10th. Both are just amazing.
    Now, if you had told me 10 years ago that I was being introduced to my best friend while reading ‘Vegan with a Vengeance,’ or while making cupcakes from ‘Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World,’ I’m not sure that I would have believed you. But now I can say that Isa is one of my best and dearest friends, one that makes me laugh, one that inspires me, and one that I simply couldn’t live without. I am so incredibly proud of her accomplishments and what's in store for her future. I am also tickled to say that we have some fun collaborations up our sleeves that I cannot wait to share. This past year has been overwhelmingly joyous, and becoming friends with this woman is one of the main reasons. I love you my Isa. Thank you for being the funniest person in my life. Thank you for being my light.

  • elliemb1Lovely... Marriage?
  • grubwithanindianabroadSuch a beautiful picture! Love it 💜💜
  • autumnedenphotographyLove this so much!
  • theindigokitchenLove this! You both rock!! 💕💖
  • plantsandmagicLove love love ❤️
  • lauralovesbarreWhat a wonderful friendship!! I love this. :)
  • kelseymadelaineBeautiful words and SO EXCITED for her cookbook!! 😄
  • husbandsthatcookBeautiful tribute! Also, you two are SERVING IT in this photo. 😎
  • mississippivegan@husbandsthatcook yaas 👐🏼
  • mississippivegan@kelseymadelaine it's fantastic !
  • mississippivegan@grubwithanindianabroad thanks BB!
  • mississippivegan@eat_figs_not_pigs oh thank you !
  • mississippivegan@tastyasheck hi boo!
  • v_mahdiPerfect pairing 💫❤️
  • v_mahdiPs my life wouldn't be the same without witnessing Galloping Cart and Banana phone call drama 😂🙌👏🔥💖@Mississippivegan @isachandra
  • food.health.fitVery cool
  • bebeismyname💓
  • fit_girl_swagI was so excited I thought your restauraunt was IN Mississippi as I'm driving through there this week 😔 any vegan places you recommend in New Orleans or Mississippi or Alabama @mississippivegan ?
  • cookbookvegan❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • seattleontherunYour gallery is quite stunning!!!💖 I really loved the capture of the berries on @edgarraw gallery!!! Your art is very inspiring. 😊
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