• iameden[3/3]
    and thank you to everyone who came out, you all made this an incredible journey.

    i love you x

  • bleach.sniffer:')
  • hialleti love youuuuu
  • benjaminriel44The show downtown was AMAZING. Couldn't believe it when I heard you were coming down to Montreal and I just had to come. What a great night, you've got an amazing talent and have to come down more often :)
  • afrachowdhuryxI wish I could've gone to one of your concerts :(( one day ☄️
  • edxnspacehi!! this is kinda random, but i love your music and hope you continue to make more of it! 💕
  • stop._.cl@unicornparadisee that just made my day. No, my week 💙
  • ftrbndsI love you more
  • alohagaiaThis is really fascinating
  • jakecooley_My name is Jake Cooley and I'm a working drummer looking for session/full time work with your artist. I'm the former drummer of Sacramento alternative rock band Surviving The Era. All of my work is able to be seen and heard on FB,Twitter,YouTube,ITunes,Bandcamp,Spotify, Pandora, and SoundCloud. If your group is looking for a young/diverse drummer, feel free to contact. I have many links and pictures readily available
  • everythngbluei love u more
  • shelly_bell_611Dude! I just listened to your music for the first time today through iTunes and I'm really liking what I'm hearing! Have a good one! @iameden
  • chung_marketing👍
  • hanimrodFor the past year or so i thought u were a 30 year old man just by listening to your music (never have i ever searched u up until now) only to find out youre a kid my age. You lyrics carry so much wisdon and your voice is amazing
  • rawanka1Come to The Middle East pleaseeee ilysm
  • ayshakhoda@e.southworth I can see u
  • e.southworth@ayshakhoda fam look at the date
  • lida.abyanehWish I realized how much I love your music while you were touring @iameden
  • flobeinYour music is my soulmate 💯!!! Thanks for everything
  • lil_dreamingI think i just found my new favourite music artist.
  • yuhdiraily
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