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  • coach_michael_bannWhen you keep coming up just shy of your goals, it's time to make a change and that's exactly what @yaelgrauer did. Yael came to me awhile back wanting to get back into shape, lose weight, and start grappling again. She had pretty bad knee pain but always showed up with a smile and that's all I require. After we dove into all her biomechanics we dove into the physiology and nutrition side of things. She's an amazing example of what happens when you buy into the process. She started to prioritize sleep, and she focused on eating not only to her macros but also quality food. This lifetime deadlift PR and the fact that she just wore a dress she hasn't been able to wear in ages is just the beginning for her. So many more awesome results to come.

    #BannWagon @opexfitness #IAmOpex #OPEXFit

  • yaelgraueryay 225! 😆
  • intrepid_actualOutstanding! Nicely done @yarlgrauer and @coach_michael_bann
  • yaelgrauer@intrepid_actual 😊
  • jodiehaneyGo girl!!!!
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